Best iPad Mini clone–Orient TAB Mini 7, 7 Inch Android 4.1 3G Phablet with MTK6577 ARM Cortex A9 Dual core, 1.2GHz CPU released

OrientDeal has provided a whole lot of Android tablets vying with other counterparts and has been designed to strive for the benefits of consumers to the maximum. It is believed that many customers has the same feeling as me, especially those regular buyers of OrientDeal. So we are ones who are expected to get a surprise. What does OrientDeal bring now in this world full of curiosity and tempatation. Orient TAB Mini 7  at $99.98 is aPhablet,namely, the combination of smartphone and tablet pc as the best iPad Mini clone,of course, updated recently by OrientDeal. Let’s know more details about 7 inch dual core phablet now!

Orient TAB Mini 7


Orient Tab Mini 7
Orient Tab Mini 7

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini: Screen Size and build

As is known to all, iPad Mini released last year by Apple has 7.9 inch  with 200mm high, 134.7mm wide and 7.2mm deep, we all hold that it’s compact and enough to fit in a back  pocket and, like most seven-inchers, is the perfect size for school, hand and manbags.However, it’s a little bigger to put in our pocket for me.And Orient Tab Mini 7 with 1024 *600 pixels has 7 inch screen size, which is our perfect size to bring conveniently anywhere.  What’s more, it’s more compact than iPad Mini. 


7 inch screen size
7 inch screen size

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini:3G Network

There is another advantage that the 7 inch android 3G phablet is build in 3G network with WCDMA 850/2100MHz,  this Phablet  not only play an important role in tablet pc, but also can support 3G phone calling. It’s more effective and powerful than iPad Mini which doesn’t support 3G network. Most people like this compact and influential phablet. Therefore, you need only to insert your SIM card in this Pablet, Orient Tab Mini 7, then you can call whoever you want, of course, including searching the Internet.

3G network
3G network

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini: CPU

Apple has undated it’s unique system with the lastest  ios 6 installing in iPad Mini with Processor A5 ,1GHz ,dual core, but Android system, Jeally Bean has also kept pace with Apple, so the lastest Android 4.1.2 deployed in Orient Tab Mini  with the processor MTK6577 ARM Cortex A9 dual core, 1.2GHz; By constrast, this cheap phablet has the more apparent merit than iPad Mini. It’s time to change our mind to live an economical and effective life. Just think about it carefully.


Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini: Dual SIM

Card, dual standby

The most wonderful features for you is that Orient TAB Mini 7 supports Dual SIM Card and Dual standby, it means Orient Tab Mini 7 can work on 2 differenct Mobile Network at the same time.

You can have two phone without card, and working at the same time, of course, you can use two 2G mobile network sim cards, or 2 3G mobile network sim cards. or 1 2G Mobile Network SIM Card +1 3G Mobile Network sim Card. you can do it as you want. because each of SIM Card Slot support 2G and 3G Mobile Network at the same time.
Dual SIM Card and dual standby
Dual SIM Card and dual standby

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini:Dual


Camera is playing a very significant role in tablet pc for us, especially for those loving taking pictures anywhere. So you and me really care this function. Let’s look at iPad Mini first.  The front camera of iPad Mini is 1.2mp, and the rear is 5mp, maybe we think this kind of dual camera is great and clear-cut, but never underestimate your imagination. Next, just focus your attention to Orient TAB Mini  7, it owns 2mp front camera and 5mp back camera. Consequently, from the pixel of them, Orient Tab Mini7 has a great advantage over iPad Mini. I believe you will be so advisable to choose Orient Tab Mini 7. 

dual camera
dual camera

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini: Various


When we buy a tab, we must want to know if it can download any software we like to play 3Dgames. In the past, due to the non-developed technology, a tablet pc actually can’t support playing 3D games, but times change as time go by, so does the technology.Orient Tab Mni 7 has the same function as iPad Mini, which can plays large and trendy 3D games. Moreover, GPS function is supplied by Orient Tab Mini 7. Hence, we may call it as iPad Mini alternative, even surpass iPad Mini.
various applications of Orient Tab Mini 7
various applications of Orient Tab Mini 7

Orient TAB Mini 7 vs iPad Mini: Cheaper


We are one who attach greater  importance to the inner quality than appearance. iPad Mini just is manufactured by Apple Company with prestigious fame. When we want to buy it, but have to consider the price. For an ordinary student, it’s not affordable to him or her. So why not buy a iPad Mini clone , like Orient TAB Mini 7 to have fun. It’s only $99.98 on sale cheaper much than iPad Mini.
All in all, just think about it seriously. Orient Tab Mini 7 with good performance and function is merely your smart choice when you can’t afford so high an iPad Mini .
Just keep in mind that manage your money properly.




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