iNew i6000 beyond Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, 6.5 inch FHD IPS Screen MTK6589T Quad core 1.5GHz Ram 1GB Rom 16GB Android 4.2 3G smartphone pre-order


iNew I6000

OrientDeal announced the best Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 clone for you. Although iNew i6000 hasn’t released until now, it’s worthwhile to focus your attention on this 6.5 inch 3G phablet, which means it plays an important role of both smartphone and tablet pc. You can merely regard this 6.5 inch FHD IPS Screen phablet as your smartphone or tablet pc. It’s up to you. Whether the performance of MTK6589T quad core 1.5GHz CPU or 6.5 inch 1080P IPS Screen or the price of selling at $299, this 6.5 inch cellphone can defeat Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 completely. Why do i think so? Let’s open your eyes to witness the miracle.

Powerful Hardware


Outstanding CPU of  MTK6589T  Quad Core 1.5GHz

Dual core smartphone is powerful and fast-speeding for most users, but technology changes as time goes by, the latest MTK6589T  Quad Core 1.5GHz  cellphone has been unparalleled until now.I bet you must want to experience it really.Quad-core is obviously twice stronger than dual-core. Whether you operate 3D games or unload the web, apparently,the speed has much difference.

Meanwhile,MTK6589T has launched by MediaTek recently, which means is an updated version of MTK6589, especially the main frequency has been improved largely from 1.2GHz to 1.5GHz now, and the main frequency of GPU of PowerVR SGX544MP, has also been enhanced to 357MHz,compared with that of MT6589 GPU whose main frequency just has 286MHz. Therefore, iNew i6000 has perfectly beaten those dual-core phone such as Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, especially when users need to play 3D games like <Shadowgun Dark> <Meadow:The Pact> <NOVA 3>, <Modern Combat:Zero Hour> ,<WildBlood>,<Batman3>,<Iron Man 3>,<Richman 4 fun>,<Bladeslinger>,<After Burner Climax>,<Real Football 2013>,<Dungeon Hunter 4>. Therefore,this MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz Android phone  or best Galaxy Note3 Alternative is your best choice.


Large Memory

First version: 1GB RAM +16GB ROM

Internal Memory is also another important factor to affect the speed of a phone. The first version of iNew i6000 owns 1GB RAM, which means space of both accommodating and operating softwares.The larger RAM is, the more applications you can run,that is to say, the speed of multi-tasking is faster. Compared with 512MB RAM, the running speed of 1G RAM is more fluent and faster, especially playing 3D games, running software.You can experience it to detect the difference between 1G RAM and 512 RAM. Therefore, this Ram 1GB ROM 16GB Android 3G Cellphone is really worth owning it.
ROM also plays a great and significant role in storing large files for a smartphone. iNew i6000 ccupied 16GB ROM, which means you can store larger files like games, music,video, software and so on in comparison with 4GB or 8GB ROM, of course the memory can be expanded to 32GB, or 64GB, if you are eager to download more movies. In my mind, 16GB ROM is enough for me to store files as i want. 

Second version: 2GB RAM+32GB ROM

Many records and innovation  about  iNew i6000 has been made so far. For example, many smartphones only own the memory size like RAM 1GB, ROM 16GB, or RAM 1GB, ROM 4GB, but unfortunately, this phablet has two version for your choice. One is what i metioned just now, RAM 1GB ROM 16GB, although the speed of the version is very fast and full of large memory, another one is RAM 2GB ROM 32GB phone,  for those good 3D players, this version is a great innovation and get a strong position among 3G Cellphone.

Operating System

iNew i6000 utilized the most popular Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system,based on the former operating system. The newest Android 4.2 has been beautified and optimized. Therefore, the interface will be more magnificent and the fluency of OS and the function will be improved to a large degree. Many OrientDeal users give a hot applause to the phone.
Let’s elaborate what Android 4.2 OS will bring to us.
1. the complete Chrome browser
  Changes of Android 4.2 Web browser is very popular, supporting tabbed browsing system, and bookmark simultaneously. This appropriate design will make the use of mobile phones and tablet PCs and traditional PC  without difference.
2. the Brand new mobile landscape mode
  As Android 4.2, a collection of mobile phones and tablet PCs will be integrated in the use of mobile phones, you can use landscape mode of similar sized tablet , and can be reversed.
3. the new file manager
  Android 4.2 will set a new file manager, allowing users to easily manage the files on the SD card, rather than rely on third-party software.

Sophisticated Display



The design of iNew i6000 is similar as Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. However, we hold the principle that what we need to meet our consumers’ requirements is not only the same the same screen resolution with FHD 1920*1080 ,but larger design with 6.5 inch fhd IPS Screen .  Therefore, it’s unnecessary for me to boast iNew i6000  The newest trend of 6.5 inch 1080P IPS Screen Phone is to pursue the larger screen for more convenience to watch 3D movies, play 3D games,read e-books and e-magazines,or video-calling.And it can also play 1080P video.
Therefore, iNew i6000 will be your best choice to provide ultra-clear and Full HD video playing.
Superior Dual Camera
iNew i6000 has a sophisticated camera . The highly advanced 13MP back camera captures and record stunning and gorgeous FHD videos even when taken against a bright sunny sky or on a night and take ultra-clear photos about anything.The front-facing camera’s above average is 3MP, much higher than Galaxy Mega 6.3 with 1.9MP, which can take a picture about yourself and conduct video-calling. 

However, the back camera of iNew i6000 is far more higher than that of Galaxy Mega 6.3 with 8MP. Therefore, owning an iNew i6000 is more economical and powerful, namely, you can save your money of buy digital camera and Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and have a better tool to record your life.


Dual SIM  Card, dual standby


Another amazing news for you is that iNew i6000 supports dual SIM Card and dual standby,which means it can work on 2 different Mobile Network at the same time.You can use two 2G mobile network sim cards, or two 3G mobile network sime cards, or one 2G Mobile Network SIM card and one 3G Mobile Network sim Card.Just set the network as you want.Because each SIM Card Slot support 2G and 3G
Mobile Network at the same time. Therfore, it is beneficial to both our life and work, but Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 doesn’t have this unique characteristic. As a result, it’s not convenient for those busy uers like businessmen.
Dual removable batteries and more durability
Improve your standby time with two 3150mAh large capacity Battery, using a new smart energy saving technology will reduce the power consumption by more than 30% and battery life is more than 48 hours, a more intelligent battery management for long-lasting stamina that keeps you listening to your favourite music, taking impressive photos, watching FHD videos and reading the latest posts. You’ll spend less time charging and more time using this incredible multi-tasking machine. Especially when you have a travel, you don’t have to recharge your phone due to these two durable batteries, while Galaxy Mega 6.3 just provides you with only one battery.
Consequently, for most users, particularly, game lovers, it’s enough to impress them. 

Hurry to pre-order it now!

iNEW I6000 will come out soon, so take a chance to pre-order it. This is a really more remarkable 6.5 inch phablet, compared with Mega 6.3 and Note3. In order to keep up with the newest trend of cellphone, just move your hands to pre-order on OrientDeal. There are two version. One is RAM 1GB +ROM 16GB at $299, another is RAM 2GB + ROM 16GB at $349. You will get surprising news for you.